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Brief Introduction:

Harbin Engineering University (HEU) sits at the scenic Songhua River in the ice city of Harbin in Northeast China. Subordinate to the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, HEU is a national key university of glorious history and fine traditions. It was selected to be among the first batch of "211 Project" universities that are entitled to enjoy first priority from the state in construction and development and also one of the universities that have a Graduate School. Moreover, HEU is an important base for talent cultivation and scientific research in the fields of ship industry, marine equipment, marine engineering and nuclear application. HEU encourages students to uphold and carry forward the legacy of the older generation of revolutionaries who advocate "the military spirit" of the original Harbin Institute of Military Engineering. This spirit is condensed to the school motto "academic excellence-pursuit of truth" and forms the core school values: loyalty, fortitude, solidarity, creativity.


Since its founding, HEU has trained more than 90,000 highly specialized personnel in numerous fields, including more than 200 future generals, ministers, governors and academicians, as well as over 2000 technology experts and senior management personnel of colleges and universities, research institutes and large and medium enterprises.

HEU students have won more than 400 prizes in both domestic and international competitions such as the "Challenge Cup" (National Science and Technology undergraduate extra-curricular academic competition), Asia-Pacific and the National Science and Technology Robotics Undergraduate Competition (ROBOCON), the United States International Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and the National Undergraduate Electronic Design competition. The undergraduate employment rate has remained at least 95% percent for many years, which ranks first in the universities of Heilongjiang province.

HEU is not only famous for significant achievements in domestic area which have filled the gaps in fields such as China's first experimental submarine, hydrofoils, carrier-based computers, and set of striping sounder, but also for the world 'Crenowned duplex type submarine, the hovercraft, and the gradient sound velocity profiler. HEU maintains abundant technical reserves in the field of ship, marine and nuclear science. The university's technology of underwater robots, ship stability, combining navigation, acoustic orientation and nuclear power simulation holds a prominent place in the world. HEU has become the main force of basic and applied ship research in science and technology in China, one of the key units of the Navy's development of advanced technology and equipment, and a developer of high-level marine technology in China.

Since the "The 11th Five-Year Plan" was instituted, HEU has focused on condensing its scientific research direction, improving the ability of independent innovation and committing to solve the national scientific and technological problems through the "973" plan, the "863" plan, advanced defense research and scientific research projects based on the national defense strategy. HEU has earned more than 260 provincial awards. In addition, research and product quality management has been achieved through ISO9000 quality system certification. Moreover, HEU is the first domestic university which passed through the "double recognition" of the universities. HEU has national university of science and technology parks where technology industry and cooperation along with production, teaching and research develop rapidly. In 2011, expenses for science and technology added up to over 760 million RMB which is among the highest within key Chinese universities.

To maintain an international and open educational focus, HEU cooperates with over 100 leading universities, companies and research institutes. For instance, Berkeley University, Sydney University, Far Eastern State Technical University, the University of Electro-Communications, the world's five largest classification societies (ABS, BV, DNY, LR, GL), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). HEU participates in a Chinese government scholarship project and a project to facilitate national construction of high-level universities by sending graduates abroad. HEU affords a portion of money to support a large number of teachers in study, lecturing and research collaboration annually. Furthermore, HEU elects a set of outstanding students as exchange students to learn and visit abroad, accelerating the process of internationalization.


In coming five years, HEU will continue to build her distinctive position in the nation's development strategy, to adhere to innovative teaching, and to implement the school's transformation into a high-level research university. Furthermore, the university will seek to construct innovative platforms, upgrading the talent training vigorously as the basis, and in the process enhancing the overall level of its engineering discipline construction. Additionally, HEU plans to implement high-level talent cultivation as the keystone while molding practice and enlightenment from output as the turning point and upgrading the university's internationalization strategies. HEU seeks to implement the national 'Twelfth Five-Year Guideline' vigorously, at the same time enhancing the quality and level of training significantly. Contribution to the scientific research field is another important goal as HEU exercises a greater influence on academic circles and the social service. The university will attempt to enhance the first-degree subjects and reach the advanced intensive subject standard, and in so doing improve its rank as a national graduate university. HEU will exploit her innovation platforms to develop an advanced standard, and to form a premier research university.

By 2020, HEU plans to practically establish a distinctive and highly developed research university and ensure a focus on shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application which will become the university's distinctive brand, allowing it to become an influential training base for talent in these fields. HEU desires to be known as one of the most important sources of technology transfer, and an important national industrialization, information technology and national modernized construction support provider.

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